Friday, 21 October 2011

Science Year 5 - Unit 1 Microorganisms

Learn about microorganisms, the study of microbiology and why these tiny creatures are so important to living things with this fun, interactive activity. Microorganisms are important to life on Earth, acting as decomposers in various ecosystems and playing a vital role in the nitrogen cycle. Types of microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, types of algae and plankton.

Microorganisms make their home on food, plants, humans and lots of other living things. Look hard and spot places where you think they might be at work. Learn about bacteria that live in decaying leaves, diseases, moldy fruit, yeast in breads, bacteria in yoghurt, salmonella in uncooked food and more. Sort the different types of microorganisms and enjoy this fun science game for kids.

Science Exercise for Unit 1

The Wonderful World of the Unseen Life

There are tiny living things that can only be seen through a microscope, these are called microorganisms. In the above video, you can see different types of microorganisms, there are bacteria, protozoa, fungi and virus. Just like other living thins, microorganisms also undergo life processes. They breather, move and grow.