Thursday, 6 October 2011

T3 - What I have Learned from Games!

Tomorrow Teaching Technology - 2

Most people think that gaming is a waste of time, but for some its pure entertainment. Although I beg to differ, if you meet me as a person I may come across as someone who is quite different, it wouldn't be modest to say evolved.

Games pick up myths and fables from generations long gone, gets you involved in the story and gives you a crash course through each sequence or character. So games are capable of feeding your brain with information in a way that makes it so much better to learn.

Games fine tune and sharpen your reflexes, every level gets tougher and thereby improving your skills to beat the game. It is the fastest way to tune your brain to change and try new things. Being an avid strategy gamer, I know how to plan cities or be a politician who can keep his people happy.

A simple game, where you have to direct the falling apple to Einstein's' head. The game has 19 levels available that you can play and more levels can be created or purchased.

Way of an Idea is strikingly similar to Ramps though instead of laying ramps you need to draw a line with the chalk to get the apple the head.

The game gives you a good amount of time to get a fair idea of how the game is played, but the levels do get quite complex and if you enjoy this one you should also give Splitter 2 a shot.

The controls are fairly simple, z and x rotate between the eraser and chalk while space bar gets the apple rolling.

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